Student Leader Makes Case For ICT Empowerment


The President, Final-Year Law Students of Ikewerre Local Government (FILKESA), Mr Emperor Nnaoma has called on elite groups from the area to include Information and Communications Technology (ICT) development in their plans for educational growth in the local government area.
He made the call shortly after its Executive/Stakeholders meeting in Port Harcourt, Wednesday.
Nnaoma noted that the idea would command a level of ICT knowledge and development among students from Ikwerre Local Government Area across the globe.
According to him, ICT has become the easiest way of learning and should be encouraged among the people.
He pointed out that those without Internet or ICT skill may find it almost difficult to operate in this jet age.
He said that the best way to go about the issue, was to ensure that an up to date ICT centre was built in the local government where everyone would have access to it.
The FILKESA boss, warned that politics must not be attached the system in order to not to defeat the idea.
He was of the view that when once the vision was tainted by politics, many may not show the needed interest.
He further called on all public spirited people from Kelga, to work out modalities on how to, at least, provide laptops for Kelga indigenes preparing for law school.
Nnaoma recalled that over the years, lap top and other ICT gadgets have been a serious challenge for those preparing for the Nigerian Law School.
He reasoned that if such would be done, it would, among other things, lessen the burden on the side of parents and guardians.
Another point he raised was that of bursary payment for Kelga students in law school, as he appealed for academic excellence among Ikwerre students.