Libya Negotiates With EU Over Airlines’ Ban


Libyan authorities say they are negotiating with the European Union (EU) to lift the ban imposed on Libyan airplanes for almost four years.
The Libyan Minister of Transport, Milad Ma’tug, who disclosed this on Monday in Tripoli, said the imposition had caused major financial losses to Libyan airlines.
The minister said Libyan high-level delegation visited Brussels in the past few days and met with the European Aviation Safety Agency.
“We discussed the possibility of lifting the ban on national airlines that has been imposed for years.
“We have made it clear to them that Libyan airports adhered to safety rules by committing to international safety standards and that these rules are of great interest to the (Libyan) civil aviation authority,’’ Ma’tug said.
He also revealed that the agency had “promised to send inspectors to Libya, to inspect the airports and see the level of technical readiness,in terms of safety and security rules.”
“We expect their visit this summer and the final report of the European Agency will be presented during its meeting in November.’’
The EU imposed ban on all Libyan airlines in European airspace since 2014 over safety concerns.
The development followed violent clashes that erupted in Tripoli between rival armed groups which almost destroyed the city international airport.
M’etiga airport, located inside an air base, is currently the only functioning airport in the city.
However, it also has been attacked by armed group several times recently, causing repeated suspension of flights.