No To Sex-For-Marks


The Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ile Ife, a first generation university in Nigeria, reputed as centre of academic excellence, has been in the news lately for the wrong reason.
The institution’s authorities, penultimate week, suspended indefinitely, Professor Richard Akindele of Department of Management and Accounting for demanding sex in exchange for marks from a post-graduate female student, Miss Monica Osetobe Osagie.
The Vice Chancellor of the university, Professor Eyitope Ogunbodede, who confirmed the suspension, explained that after a thorough investigation, the alleged randy senior lecturer was sanctioned based on established prima-facie case against him by a committee set up by the university to probe the sex-for-marks allegation.
It was reported that Professor Akindele, in a telephone conversation, demanded for five rounds of sex from Miss Osagie to upgrade her score from 33 percent to a pass mark.
“In the interim report submitted to the Vice Chancellor, Professor Richard Akindele was established to be the lecturer in the controversial sex-for-marks audio recording and the female voice was identified as that of Miss Monica Osagie,” the OAU’s Vice Chancellor declared.
Professor Ogunbodede said that, having carefully and dispassionately considered the committee’s report, the university came to a conclusion that an inappropriate relationship and misconduct with the female post graduate student was established and consequently suspended the lecturer.
The Tide, indeed, commends the university’s authorities and Miss Monica Osagie for taking the bull by the horn, as we observe that in other universities in the country where such atrocities are prevalent, they are usually swept under the rug.
OAU has, by that singular act, restored people’s waning confidence in tertiary institutions in Nigeria. We hope the unfolding episode will deter other randy and corrupt lecturers who short-change the system due to their insatiable quest for money and/or sex, thereby compromising education standard in the country.
We particularly salute the courage and boldness of Miss Osagie who, against all odds, came out to expose the randy lecturer. We, therefore, encourage other students across the country facing similar victimization or harassment from lecturers either in form of monetary inducement or sex or both to borrow a leaf from Monica Osagie’s boldness and report such cases to appropriate authorities for sanctions. Osagie’s insistence that she couldn’t have scored just 33 per cent in the said course is salutary.
We hope that the university’s authorities will go ahead to unravel the whole episode with a view to meting out adequate sanctions, if possible sack, to the lecturer. This, we believe, will serve as a deterrent to others who have been indulging in similar misconducts over the years.
We also urge other tertiary institutions in Nigeria to emulate the OAU’s example by not shielding lecturers found culpable of misconducts, extortion or victimization.
It is regrettable that due to unethical conduct of some lecturers, many brilliant students have been frustrated out of schools. This is callous and must be stopped henceforth.
Professor Akindele and his likes in our tertiary institutions must bury their heads in shame as they indeed, constitute a nuisance and embarrassment to the country’s quest for quality and standard education. Such lecturers, we insist, are not fit to be in our Ivory Towers.