Consultant Hails Architects’ Association


A consultant architect in Port Harcourt, Harcourt Ajumbogobia has commended the Association of Consultating Architects, Nigeria (ACAN) for striving to ensure professionalism among members.
Ajumbogobia noted in an interview with The Tide, Sunday, that the inception of ACAN has in many ways brought practicing architects up to speed with global technological trends.
He explained that ACAN, a member of the architects umbrella body, Nigeria Institute of Architects (NIA), was put together for architects in consulting with a view to improving the quality of their work.
The consultant architect noted that ACAN works in collaboration with NIA and especially Architects Registration Council of Nigeria (ARCON) to fight quackery and influx of foreigners into the sector.
He observed that since ARCON is government-owned the issue of foreign incursions are reported to ARCON which carries out investigations and takes appropriate actions where irregularities are found.
According to him, “some multinational when coming to establish their base in the country, come with consultant architects from their countries. We looked into it and said we can’t accept that. That is a slight on our capability as professionals and we took the matter up with ARCON, because since it involves foreign nationals the government is in better position to handle it and it is done. In so doing, we have been able to take our profession to a place of pride and improved made-in-Nigeria products”.
He further said, “as consultant architects, we have a duty to protect our clients and indeed the generality of the populace from injuries and fatalities, we therefore ensure that we constantly improve ourselves by having specialists in various built environments talk to us on international best practices and modern technologies. We also do our best to fight quackery which in recent times has led to many building collapses”.
Ajumbogobia, however, noted that ACAN was little known by the public, and urged the public and project owners to report any misconduct of its members where disciplinary actions would be taken of found wanting.


Tonye Nria-Dappa