ICAO Urges Proper Policy Implementation


The Secretary General of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), Dr. Fang Liu, has said that credible means of planning and implementation is urgently required to manage the future air transport traffic growth safety, securely and efficiently.
She, therefore, called on all governments that have not already done so to analyse their current capacities and expectations and to urgently establish national and or regional aviation infrastructure progra-mmes and plans that represents those aims.
Liu who made this known in an aviation stakeholders forum in Abuja, Monday, noted that the benefits of this proper planning and implementation of such aviation policies is critical to aviation advancement.
“I cannot stress strongly enough how important this planning is to the benefits you expect to be generated and captured by your nation, and that continued development in aviation infrastructure capacity and technological innovation is critical to our desired outcome.
“This in turn require’s substantial modern-isation investments over the long term, and an expansion of aviation capacity in all the states, consistent with ICAO’s growth forcasts and global plans”, she said.
The ICAO scribe also emphasized that the apex aviation governing body would re-double its efforts to enhance and develop tools, analysis and services to support governments in identifying their aviation deficiencies and infrastructure gaps.
She further called on the attending states to align and integrate their aviation infrastructure programmes based on a balanced development approach, which includes multimodal transport and related urban planning initiative.