Group Knocks Buhari Over Comments

As reactions continue to trail the recent comment by President Muhammadu Buhari, describing Nigerian youths as lazy, uneducated and always waiting for free oil-money, youths of the oil-rich Niger Delta say it is unfortunate that such comment could come from president of the country.
Reacting under the aegis of Niger Delta Youth Coalition (NDYC), the youths said, “the unfortunate outburst of Mr President in far away London only succeeded in damaging the image of the nation globally.
NDYC National Co-ordinator, Prince Emma Ogba, who spoke yesterday to newsmen in Port Harcourt said a lazy person was someone who chose to remain idle, preferring to beg others for his livehood  amid  job opportunities.
He noted that most of the activities  as sports, entertainment, education and technology for which Nigeria is respected in the world have the youths of the country in the fore front.
“Thousands of graduate from the universities yearly, serve the nation under the compulsory one-yer National Youth Service Corps, yet Mr President called us uneducated.
“They have no employment because the companies more of which under this present leadership of Buhari shut down throwing hundreds of thousands out of job.
“Instead of taking the blame and finding ways of reviving the economy, Buhari prefer to push blames to past administrations and Nigerian Youths. It’s unfortunate”, he said.
Ogba regretted that in the country, particularly under the present leadership of Buhari, Nigerian youths who graduated from tertiary institutions were forced to ride okada, turn bus and taxi drivers and involve in menial jobs instead of sitting idle to eke out their living.
The youth leader advised Buhari to apologies to youths of the nation stressing that they voted  enmass for him so as to improve their lives instead of embarrassing them before the world.
“Only lazy youths should vote for Buhari, but as for those being insulted, they have to chose another president come 2019”, he said.
He said since the 70s, so much oil wealth of the nation continue to be stolen by those who were elected to lead the nation instead of using the billions of dollar to transform the economy of the country.
“Look at the health situation, electricity, high cost of education, unemployment level virtually all sectors are comatose such that even Buhari is always travelling abroad for health attention instead of fixing what we have here”.
The NDYC leader however accepted that some youths might be the idle type relying on begging in the streets, adding that such a situation is not peculiar to Nigeria but a global phenomena.
“Those who advise our president should advise him on the consequences of some of his outburst, especially when he travel outside the shores of the nation.
“We expect him to package the nation fairly and not demean the image of the nation because it is obvious that some certain things he ought to defend the nation on, he rather becomes the one causing the damages”, he said.
Chris Oluoh