Farmer Blames Egg Glut On Poor Preservation


A local farmer in Oyigbo Local Government Area of Rivers State, Mr Vincent Chidi says lack of adequate poultry preservation technology has led to the increase in egg production and also fall in price of egg in the market.
Chidi, a poultry rearer, who said this in an interview with The Tide in Oyigbo, last Sunday said the increase in the cost of poultry feeds and lack of preservation technology were the challenges facing local poultry farmers in the state.
The local farmer who described the fall in price of eggs as egg-glut, said it occurs in a period when eggs are surplus or in abundance with low purchase or demand.
He said the process and the poor returns on investment was very discouraging and called on government to assist the farmers in the area of preservation technology.
“Poultry farming is highly capital intensive and farmers do not have much access to funds.
“In practical terms, the cost of raw materials and poultry feed is on the increase, we are in a period of egg-glut, a time when we have so much of our product and no market for them.
“Owing to our current development, we are unable to process eggs into egg powder that can be preserved”, he said.
The farmer said egg-glut was seasonal but adequate preservation techniques could cut the losses of the local farmer and increase income.
He said between April and October, 2017, most poultry farmers faced the challenges of glut.
The poultry farmer said the egg-ghut has repeated again this year, stressing that the price of egg in the market has fallen.
According to him, a crete of egg previously sold for N900 or N950.00 now sells between N700 and N850 due to increase in production and the lack of market for it.
Chidi called for more egg processing plants in the country to ease the seasonal problem of egg-glut in the market.
He regretted that poultry farming was still at the level where the processing of poultry product into other uses like egg powders was virtually lacking in the country.