Egi Royal Mother Donates To Elderly


Egi Royal mother, Mrs Grace Nwokoma has distributed wrappers, washing soaps and detergents estimated at thousands of naira to elderly women from all the towns and villages in Egi clan.
The ceremony attended by chiefs and traditional rulers was held at the palace of King Prof Anele Uzondu Nwokama Ege-Egi III (Eze-Ogbauku), at Erema in Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni Local Government Area.
Presenting the items, Mrs Nwokoma, said the gesture was her humble way of giving the elderly a sense of belonging, and to seek their blessing and wisdom in administering the welfare of Egi women as the wife of their King.
She said days were gone when elders especially, women were sidelined in the scheme of things.
“These elders, were like us in their youths, we too will one day be like them and probably expect help from the society”, Mrs Nwokoma stated.
“Any society that neglects the elderly is doomed because there lies the wisdom and experience for progress and development”.
She promised to make the donation a yearly affair, and asked them for blessing prayer, suggestions that would bring stability to not only the palace but the entire kingdom.
She thanked her husband, Prof. Nwokoma and his Council of Traditional Rulers and Chiefs for providing the enabling environment that ensured peace prevailed in the area.
In her vote of thanks, a spokesperson of the elders, Mrs Meyina Ajie praised the Egi Royal Mother for her kind gesture.
She prayed God to provide abundantly in the Egi palace so that there would be no scarcity of money and food in the house and the Egi Kingdom.