Strip Clubbing, Another Sodom And Gomorah Unleashed


Strip clubbing has now become the trending business among hotel operators and showbiz personalities in Nigeria. It’s lucrative five nature makes it one of the thriving business ventures among the owners, leading to cut throat competition and proliferation of strip clubs in high brow areas of most big cities in the country.
According to the advanced learner’s Diction and strip club means club where people go to watch performers take their cloths off in a sexually exciting way’’. The name of one of the pioneers of strip club in Nigeria and the CEO of the famous cave bar in Ikeja Lagos, Mr. Shina Eddo rings a million bells in the eardrums of a lot of people who are well informed about the gentle- men’s’’ business in Nigeria.
With the proliferation of the clubs that nearly turned Lagos to a sin city, the strip clubs were banned, but later bounced back, stronger and more daring, garbed in the toga of legitimacy as the business was legalized by the then governor of Lagos State, Babatunde Fashola with the support of the Lagos State House of Assembly led by Rt Hon. Kuforiji.
Today, strip club operations have invaded other major metropolitan cities across the country including Port Harcourt, Nigeria’s garden city and Treasure base of the nation. Our investigations have revealed that most of the prestigious strip clubs are located around the GRA axis and other popular streets and suburbs in the city.
We now have enough dose of hotels that operate their own businesses where you find girls of between18 and 30 years hanging around these hotels and clubs most of whom are resident prostitutes, while the strip dancers come from outside looking for dancing jobs. Once you have a perfect place and right ambience, the girls come looking for you.
According to a manager of one of the popular strip clubs in GRA who spoke under anonymity, the strippers wait till the club starts at 12.00am to change to their performance regalia and they close around 5.00am ‘’ the are paid N10,000 per night and they make extra money from men who sometimes do it with them at the dance floor’’.
There are also the pole dancers, they are skimpily dressed ladies smooching a silvery seductively in an erotic dance stems in a manner that the largely make ambience can’t resist. Occasionally, the pole dancers pull up their bikinis and lingerie revealing sexy and sensous cleavages to the delight of the male dominated watchers.
Aside wriggling around the pole, the half nude girls also have another modus operandi as they serve their patrons with lap dance which is sitting on a client’s lap while performing seductive acts. The dancers when given enough tips have oral sex with guests, the girls go extra mile to entertain their guests exhibiting daring tendencies towards clients as they throat themselves at them with ease, allowing free fondling.
Male and female visit strip clubs especially the high brow ones, such clients are expected to generously stuff money in the girls braziers and pants, the prize differs but the more the merrier. For maximum pleasure, liberal spray of good naira or dollar notes ensure the dancer stays longer with the generous client.
To gain access into the main place attracts between N2000 to N2, 500 as gate fee. This does not however covers the cost of drink or cost of lap dance the client maybe treated to. A good day lap dance costs between N3000 and N5000, being at the VIP session costs N20,000 to N30,000. Beers go for between N1000 and N2,500 while the cost of wine and spirits range from N10,000.00, applicable to the prestigious strip clubs.