Interesting Moments Of 2018 Oscars Awards


The 90th Academy Awards also known as Oscars took place on February 4, 2018 in Los Angeles, California in the United States of America. The event was hosted by popular TV presenter, Jimmy Kimmel. A lot of interesting moments took place during this year’s event.
Jimmy Kimmel noted that during the first Oscars in 1929, two awards were given out for Best Picture “it’s kind of what we did last year”, he intoned, referencing when Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty were handed the wrong envelop to announce the winner for Best Picture.
Other standout moments from the event include Director of hit film ‘Get out’did not only make history this Oscar season by becoming the first African-American to be nominated for Best Screen Play, Best Director and Best Film in one year, he also became the very first African American to win best Original Screen Play.
Kobe Bryant becomes an Oscar winner when the popular basketballer, accepted the Oscar for Best Animation Shot. He called out Fox News host, Laura Ingraham who last month said “NBA players, Le Bron James and Kevin Durant should “shut up and dribble”, after James and Durant criticised President Donald Trump.
See full winners list below:
Best Picture: “The Shape of Water”
Best Director: Guiller Model Toro: “The Shape of Water.
Best Actor: Gary oldman,”Darkest Hour”
Best Actress: Frances McDormand.
Best Supporting Actress: Allison Janney I. Tonya.
Original Screen Player: “Call Me By Your Name.
Foreign Language Film: “A Fantastic Woman.”
Animated Feature: Coco.
Visual Effects: Black Runner ‘2049
Film Editing: Dunkirt.
Animated shot: “Dear Basket Ball”
Live Action Short: ‘The Silent Child’
Documentary Short: “Heaven is a traffic I am on the 405”
Score: “The Shape of Water”
Song: “Remember Me From Coco”
Production Design: “The Shape of Water”
Cinematography: “Black Runner 2049”
Costume Design: “Phantom Thread”
Makeup and Hair Styling: Darkest Hour”
Document Feature: “Icarus”
Sound Editing: Dunkirk.
Sound Mixing: Dunkirk.