‘Restructure Nigeria Now’


An elder statesmen and public affairs analyst, Elder Jide Fashaken has canvassed restructuring of Nigeria’s political system in the interest of peace, justice and equity.
Fashaken who barred his mind in an exclusive interview with The Tide in Port Harcourt said it is the only way that will ensure our waiting in diversity and give a sense of direction to its numerous tribes.
According to him, in 1962, the Prime Minister of Nigeria, Late Dr Obafemi Awolowo introduced resource in the country as those who produced the largest economy or resources were given the lion share, just as some parts of Nigeria benefitted immensely from their cocoa and groundnut as the had 75 per cent of the resources.
He opined that Saudi Arabia government had been stable and developing because they adopted the system, and called on the federal government to borrow a leaf for justice and equity to prevail.
Giving an insight into the advent of elections in 1959 and how the leaders of the various political parties both at the national and state levels later formed core Rivers State which included Cross River and Rivers, he posited that the formula of fair sharing was jettisoned when oil became the main source of Nigeria’s economy.
Fashaken noted with regret that Niger Delta, the goose that has been laying the golden eggs for Nigeria to survive had been neglected without basic infrastructure and development adding that with restructuring every region would be able to manage its resources in such a manner that peace would reign.
On corruption, the public affairs analyst said President Muhammadu Buhari government had failed the country as the fight had been selective saying, corrupt officials in his government are still enjoying their loots using the party as a cover.
He said that the change begins with me’ should start from the All Progressives Congress (APC) members while all recovered loots should be made public for accountability.


Collins Barasimeye