Sexual Immorality In Secondary Schools


Lesbianism, homosexuality and bisexuality are not just words children hear every-day but most of them, especially those in secondary school now indulge in the act and initiate younger ones too.
A parent would send her teenage daughter to an all girls secondary boarding school and she returns emotionally traumatised, hating the opposite sex and never answering questions.
A male boarding student returns home to his family with low self esteem, looking very sick and haggard and always keeping to himself.
As a parent, these should be signs to you to show that your child is either being abused sexually by an older opposite sex or an older same sex.
Sexual immorality in secondary schools seem to be hitting the roof following the advancement of technology in our society.
Although these are all illegal and punishable offences in the country, they continually thrive most especially among our teenagers and youths.
These young individuals later move into the society as broken individuals, building broken homes and in many cases breaking homes of married couples.
Prominent among causes of sexual immorality amongst young teenagers is peer influence. Most teens and youths are surrounded by friends who indulge in these practices and the need to feel among influences them to indulge in them.
Lack of adequate parental guidance and improper upbringing is also a major cause as most teenagers and youths are often left unguided, shipped to boarding schools and are not paid attention to by their parents.
Intimidation and bully by students in various levels of institutions, cousins and other family relations are other stimulants of thriving sexual immorality amongst our teenagers and youths in our society.
Sexual immorality can be however checked if only parents would show more interest in the sexual life of their children, give adequate sex education and have healthy relationship with their children and their friends.


Reliance Ezimora