NLC At 40: Unionist Tasks Labour On Unity


Executive Secretary, Organisation of Trade Unions in West Africa (OTUWA) , Mr John Odah has called for a united labour movement in the country.
Odah made the call while speaking with newsmen recently in Abuja at the event of NLC at 40 years. The Tide source reports that the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) will celebrate its 40 years of its existence on February 26.
He said that the unity of the labour unions in the country was imperative as there was gross mismanagement of the nation’s economy, while the workers are at the receiving end.
According to him, the celebration of NLC at 40, is an opportunity to energise the working people and to encourage them.
“Therefore, there is need for workers to protect and defend NLC as an organisation, irrespective of industrial unions, they are affiliated to NLC and trade unions in various workplaces.
“So, the massage of the 40 years of NLC is for workers to be vigilant, steadfast and defend the movement.
“The celebration will also provide the NLC an opportunity to look into the future, the challenges it is currently facing and therefore, work on the strategies to overcome the challenges.
“It will enable them to plan, so that the next 10 or 20 years and more, it will become stronger.
That when it comes to mobilisation of its membership, workers will be able to respond to the call and the movement will be able to defend the interest of the working people, ‘’he said.
Odah further noted that NLC had survived the 40 years in spite of the imagination of various governments to crush it.
He said that NLC needed to celebrate in order to carry the massage that it was when you struggle that you could hope about getting victory.
He, however, noted that the current leadership of the NLC took over in 2015 from Mr Abdulwaheed Omar, adding that Mr Joe Ajearo and Mr Igwe Achese had refused to show good sportsmanship by refusing to concede to defeat.
“They have tried to flout an alternative NLC and now form a new centre, but the truth of the situation is that NLC remains strong and standing.
“Even though the perception of the public is that we are divided which is unfortunate in the life of this movement these things happened.
“My hope is that our colleagues who are trying to continue the division within the labour movement will see reasons and reunite with the NLC to achieve its aims and purpose, ‘’Odah said.
Odah also said that the activities lined up for the celebration include three lectures on ‘NLC Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, the Future of Work and as well as Labour, Politics and Good Governance.’
He said three different topics had been selected with highly informed people to talk on and that the outcome of the massage would be translated into concrete action by workers and the leadership of NLC.