Sports Over Politics


The winter Olympics 2018 are a great sign that humanity can be united by a love for healthy competition. Even as the world doomsday watchers have moved the doomsday clock even closer to doomsday, the nations that are responsible for it will be at play together. Athletes from all the major superpowers will be competing against each other for Olympic Honours. For a moment the bitter relations between North and South Korea will thaw because of the frosty games.

The Power of Sport

There is something that compels humans to come and watch other humans push the human form to its extremes in competition. This thing has been there since before the ages of the gladiators of Rome and ancient Greece. The Olympic Games have always managed to draw the interest of people. Even in ancient days, people would travel great distances just to witness these great events. Did you know that you can bet Live on Politics games at the best casinos like houseofjack newzealand and stand a chance to win great prizes?

Even Hitler stopped his pursuit of world domination for the Olympics. Therefore it is not surprising that other top government officials also enjoy watching sports. Officials from the warring North and South sides of Korea will seat side by side as they see professional athletes battle for Olympic silverware. It is during such times that peace should be discussed and settled on.

Opportunities at the Games

There is a wide range of opportunities are being presented by this Year’s Olympics. Obviously, the sportsmen and women get a shot to attain legend status and be immortalized because of their exploits. The politicians get a chance to talk in an environment that is not too tense. Big brands advertise during the games to the millions of viewers. Even the ordinary spectator has the opportunity to make some money too. Many of the top online betting establishments offer real money bets on the winter sports activities. The cost of taking part in the gambling fun is never high but the potential wins are massive.