What Future For Nigerian Youth?


Whenever we talk about the youth, what readily comes to mind is the future of the nation. But with the present crop of youth in the country, can we beat our chest to say that the future is assured? Probably not. This is because the youth of today appear to have lost focus on most important things in life such as being career minded, learning a skill or a trade and most importantly, having Christ in their lives.
Seventy percent of the youth are distracted by inanities of life such as catching fun, not minding what the future holds for them.
Another thing that distracts youth is love. You need to see some young persons when they are in love with someone; they put everything that is important aside and focus on that relationship. They are ready to sacrifice anything for love.
However, the main distraction and perhaps most ridiculous, that is becoming alarming among our youth today is the menace of NAIRA BET. This is becoming a very serious problem within our youth, especially with the guys. They no longer want to engage themselves in meaningful source of income, they depend on Naira Bet to make quick money without sweat.
A guy once told me that playing Naira Bet is better than wasting long hours in the office to collect a peanut at the end of the month; that one good money you win from Naira Bet will cover all the money you can be paid for months at work.
The dawn of Naira Bet has made many youth to lose focus on important things in life. They all want quick money without stress.
Naira Bet has taken the place of hard work in the life of our youth today. If you walk up to any youth on the street and ask what he/she intends to do as a career, you will hardly get any reasonable answer from them. You will often hear things like, “I will do anything as long as it will pay me good money”. They are always after money. None is interested in any specific job or career. They want to eat their cake and have it at the same time. At the end, they constitute nuisance to themselves, their families and to the society at large.
The ones that went to school are sometimes mostly centered on white collar jobs or nothing; not many of them want to be entrepreneurs because they believe that being an entrepreneur requires a lot of hard work.
Something of interest happened some weeks ago. I had the opportunity of talking to some youth about career. The question I asked everyone of them is, what is your career or what do you intend to choose as a career? In response, some of them didn’t even understand what a career is. When I explained, they said, “abegi, who that one go help, I will only do anything that will give me money”.
Even the educated ones among them do not know what to do with their lives. They said they were just in schools just to get the certificate.
This, to me, is pathetic. But how will a nation progress with an ignorant youth? How long will our youth continue to chase shadows?
Azodoh contributes this piece from Port Harcourt.


Chinasa Azodoh