DISCO Apologises Over Irregular Power Supply


The management of the Eko Electricity Distribution Company (EKEDC) has apologised to its consumers over the irregular power supply.
General Manager, Corporate Communications, Mr Godwin Idemudia said yesterday that the epileptic supply was due to last week’s system collapse on the national grid.
Idemudia, said the system collapse resulted in nationwide blackout.
The General Manager said for the past five days, power supply to electricity consumers under Eko Disco had been epileptic.
“Until Generation goes up, there is nothing we can do now because National Grid (NG) is the only source of our supply.
“We feel your pains.
“We are, therefore, appealing to customers to bear with us, as supply will be restored as soon as these repairs are concluded.
“EKEDC highly regrets any inconveniences caused by this irregular supply,” he said.
Nigeria on January 2 was thrown into a nationwide blackout as the country suffered total collapse of its power system grid.
The collapse followed a fire incident on Nigerian Gas Processing and Transportation Company Ltd (NGPTC’s) Escravos Lagos Pipeline System, which supplies gas to plants generating 3,182 Mega Watt (MW). All the plants shut down.
These plants include Egbin 1,320MW; Olorunsogo National Integrated Power Plant (NIPP) 676MW; Olorunsogo 338MW; Omotosho NIPP 450MW; Omotosho 338 MW and Paras 60MW power stations.