Expectations From PDP Confab ’Morrow


Tomorrow, delegates drawn from the 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory will converge at the Eagle Square, Abuja, to elect a national chairman and other members that will constitute the new executive committee of Nigeria’s main opposition party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).
Speaking to newsmen at the Wadata Plaza, National Secretariat of the PDP in Abuja, yesterday, chairman of the convention organizing committee, Dr Ifeanyi Okowa assured that all was set to successfully usher in the party’s first national executive body after a fierce battle, which almost tore its soul ended with a supreme Court decision last July.
The party had in an earlier statement announced a zoning formula geared toward ensuring that PDP remains formidable. Each of the six geo-political zones in the country was duly and accommodated in the arrangement. The party explained that political exigencies and fairness were considered and advised contestants to the various party offices to place their choices in compliance with the convention’s s guidelines.
The Tide enjoins the PDP to note that having overcome the 2015 defeat by the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), and the unfortunate leadership crisis that virtually tore it apart, tomorrow’s elective convention constitutes another major challenge which a political outfit that still prides itself as Africa’s largest party must strive surmount.
Delegates must realise that the world is watching with keen interest and that Nigerians are keen on getting an alternative choice to the party in power which, from all indications, has failed to effect the much desired change that will better the lot of the suffering masses.
The Tide, therefore, implores the electoral body of the convention to ensure that internal democracy prevails rather than imposition of candidates which tends to polarise parties in the nation’s democratic process. We expect the party to bounce back like a phoenix from some near self-destruct gambles it attempted, especially in the last two years.
Again, while we accede that national conventions are party affairs, we are, however, concerned that the outcome of tomorrow’s PDP convention will largely determine the way forward for Nigeria’s democracy as the world and, indeed, the electorate do not desire a one-party state.
We believe that the most contentious positions of national chairman and secretary having been zoned to the South and North, respectively; and with the other offices properly micro-zoned, the party may have resolved some of the issues that tended to polarise it in the past. We are particularly encouraged by reports that all the chairmanship contestants have accepted to abide by the outcome of the intra-party polls.
We hope that by now, reports of suspicions, blames and counter blames between the party’s interim leadership and some already disgruntled contestants must have been duly addressed.
We, therefore, admonish the PDP against another internal squabble capable of putting the party in jeopardy again
Tomorrow’s convention, as many have rightly observed, is critical to the survival of the party. It, therefore, behooves the party’s electoral body to organise an all-inclusive, transparent, and credible election that would rebrand the PDP as a truly, democratic party and reposition it for future tasks.
We strongly believe that the choice of the right leadership at the convention will not only rouse the ruling APC from its lethargy, but will also galvanise the party towards the 2019 general elections and save the country from the danger of a one party-state.