Poker in Nigeria


While Nigeria has embraced sports such as football and track and field, it’s not quite on the same pace as many other countries when it comes to embracing poker.
The poker craze that began in the US in the early 2000s has since swept around the world, with disparate countries such as India, China, Greece, and Hungary all eagerly taking up the game.

Casinos in many countries host international tournaments that offer poker bonus prizes and award hundreds of thousands of dollars in prize money (and in some case millions to the winner) which helps fuel interest in the game, especially in countries that have numerous casinos and gambling options.

Nigeria does offer up two casinos — Le Meridien Eko Hotel & Casino on Victoria Island and Transcorp Hilton Abuja — but both are smaller in size and stick to traditional casino games like slots and blackjack without many options for poker players. That’s only natural as poker rooms tend to make casinos less profit than other games like slots, roulette, or craps, so it’s usually only the larger online casinos that offer a dedicated poker room with cash games and tournaments available to poker players.

It’s not all bad news for poker fans in Nigeria, though, as they’ll still have access to many of the world’s best online poker sites such as PokerStars and PartyPoker. Online poker has become a very popular option with players, to the extent that some simply playing online from home and never visit a casino or live poker room at all.

Playing online offers the ultimate in convenience as it’s never hard to find a game, with the top sites having tens of thousands of players logged on and playing at any time of the day or night.

It also frees players from many of the costs associated with a night out at the casino, which includes traveling there and back as well as food and drink costs. Many online poker sites like casino free spins also offer players exclusive bonuses just for creating an account and making a deposit, which can translate to hundreds of dollars in extra profits.

Some online poker sites also offer players the chance to win a trip to a major poker tournament at various locations around the globe, including Las Vegas, Melbourne, and Monte Carlo. Trip packages include both the buy-in to the tournament (sometimes in excess of $10,000) as well as airfare and accommodations, so winning a trip at an online site can be an excellent way to enjoy the poker trip of a lifetime.