Expert Lists Gains Of GMO Crops


An expert in plant genetics and lecturer in the Rivers State University, Prof. Michael Ogburia has dispelled views that Genetically Modified food (GMO) is not safe for consumption.
Ogburia in a chat with The Tide said such views were responsible for the low agriculture productivity in the country, as he called on the general public to jettison such claims.
In the words of Ogburia: “such views are ill conceived or scientifically unproven.
“GMO will improve food production over the seasons. Producing crops all year round is important so as to ensure there are no food scarcity”.
Apart from that the university teacher submitted that GMO crops could produce nutrients lacking in some staple crops, as a result of the cross breeding.
“Many have raised concerns of GMO’s health risk from being carcinogenic to social, moral and religious beliefs, but most of those concerns are not scientifically proven”, he said.
Ogburia argued that before GMOs were released to the public, the products must have passed through rigorous scientific, environmental and health impact assessments.
The agricultural expert therefore called on governments, both at the federal, state and local levels to train people in the production of GMOs, since that will boost farm produce and encourage large scale farms.
Soliciting for the adoption of crop hybrids and varieties in the traditional farming systems, Ogburia explained that high yielding product can be cultivated and thus improve productivity of farmers.
He also summoned for strong collaborations and linkages among scientists of diverse disciplines within the agricultural sector, stressing that such effort can create better crop breeds capable of resisting diseases and environmental challenges.