Using Fruits As Medicine (1)


Modernity and city life are taking a lot of people away from nature. Gone are the days when one can find houses surrounded by fruit trees, such as mangoes, pears, plum or orange. Only in Government Reserved Areas (GRAs) or private buildings can one find such natural setting.
It is no surprise therefore that those folks in the village or rural areas enjoy the ambience of good vegetation, and surroundings dotted with fruit trees. Apart from enjoying good aeration, these folks enjoy fresh fruits from the trees in their compounds.
In the Bible, God gave Adam and Eve fruits to eat. He made the herbs such that they provided nutrients to replenish the body. Fruits from time immemorial has been the natural way of revitalising the body because they are raw, fresh and not cooked like other foods.
The medicinal, properties and values in fruits are preserved in their natural forms. The vitamins and minerals in them can only be altered when once they are subjected to heat or decay, thus for one to enjoy fruits, one has to consume them raw.
Today, due to pressure from city life, many people hardly eat fruits. They prefer the fast food delicacies and other cooked meals, thereby missing in one of life’s natural gift for health preservation.
A lot of people prefer cooked food to raw fruits maybe because fruits are cheap and sold along the roads. Another factor is due to hygiene. Raw foods are most times considered unhygienic as a result of handling, transportation and packaging.
But all these reasons should not deter one from enjoying fruits once in a while, or possibly every time since they are imbued with natural nutrients that enhance life.
Fruits come in different colours and flavours. Their colours are what makes them unique and potent natural medicines, often referred to as “bioflavonoids”.
The green colour fruits are the most preferred because they contain lots of plytonutrients extracted from their cholorophyll. By the way, Chlorophyll is the energy derived from the sun by the plant to synthesise food. It has a lot of oxygen transformed into different vitamins such as Vitamins A, B and C.
Vitamin C is the most nourishing among many fruits such as apple, orange, lemon and tangerine. The green fruits are highly imbued with Vitamin C. the yellow fuirts such as carrots, mango have lots of Vitamins A and B.
These Vitamins make fruits powerful medicines for the body. Take for example, Vitamin C needed by the body system to fight cold, cough, and boost immunity.
The yellow fruits with Vitamin A help the body in various ways. vitamin A is required for good eye sight and nerves.