Heart Attack, Responsible For Untimely Death – Pharmacist


Renowned Pharmacy Technician in Rivers State, Ms Ngozi Olisa, has urged Nigerians to stop attributing sudden death to supernatural causes as some of the health conditions play major role in increasing incidence of untimely death in society.
Olisa who stated this in Opobo Town, Monday in an interview with The Tide on deadly diseases and remedies, debunked a common belief that once somebody dies untimely, it is caused by some people that did not want him or her to live long, rather, she blamed most lifestyle and health situations that predispose people to untimely death.
According to her, “we have to educate people on the risk factors of heart diseases; in this environment high blood pressure is a big issue and people should know much about their family history. What one eats is another matter, people now leave village for urban city and nobody wants to walk again. Nigerians are beginning to gain weight and it is a sign of bad metabolic syndrome”.
She pointed out that taking preventive measures could reduce the scourge, noting that, “if your artery is clogged up completely, no blood flow, that is the onset of heart attack”.
Olisa further explained that if one can open those arteries within four hours the damage will be minimal, stressing that the earlier one arrives the better it will be.
As she puts it, “if one is having severe chest pain and such person shows up in the right heart centre and the arteries open, one will be completely okay.”
Olisa, however, said that the set-up of Atinu Critical Hospital and Clinic was primarily to address the trend of medical tourism due to cardiovascular disorder, noting that, “Nigeria has serious challenges in many areas but we can make a difference, especially in the special area of cardiovascular diseases”, she submitted.

By: Bethel Sam Toby.