Ogoni Youth Flay HYPREP Over Clean-Up


A Pan Ogoni youth movement, the Ogoni Youth Federation has decried the lack of commitment on the part of the Hydrocarbon Pollution and Project (HYPREP) in the implementation of the United Nations Remedation Environment Project (UNEP) Report in Ogoni land.
Coordinator of the group, Comrade Legborsi Yaamabana said HYPREP has remained highly secretive in its activities, adding that the ordinary Ogonis who are the major victims of oil pollution were yet to feel any impact of HYPREP.
Yaamabana described HYPREP as a mere sobriquet created by the Federal Government to hookwink the people, stating that the agency’s objectives were unrealistic.
He called for the involvement of all Ogoni stakeholders in the implementation of the UNEP report in Ogoni land and canvassed a review of the process to achieve set goals.
The body also condemned the killing of some youths of Luebe community in Khana Local Government Area, while trying to resist operation of SARS in escorting illegal bunkered petroleum through the area.
According to the body, the killing of these youths on the eve of the Ogoni Matyres Day celebration, shows that Ogonis are still being used as sacrificial lambs in the country.