2019: Northen Elite Move Against Buhari


Seventeen months to the expiration of President Muhammadu Buhari’s tenure, some politicians within the All Progressives Congress (APC) have already begun move to furstrate his seeking a fresh mandate.
To this extent, the All Progressives Congress renagades, majority of whom are from the North-East, alongside the opposition have started holding clandestine meetings to scuttle Buhari’s perceived move with his inner caucus to retain the party’s candidacy come 2019.
Sources in Abuja told The Tide yesterday that the Northern elite were not comfortable with the President’s quest for power as “Aso Rock,” the seat of power cannot be inhabited by “an unhealthy president”.
Apparently uncomfortable with the desire of the President, to stage a comeback, the Northern elite, The Tide learnt have begun a subtle campaign that would rescue the suffering masses from hunger and starvation caused by the Buhari- led self centered government.
An APC chieftain and member, House of Representatives who does not want his name in print, while responding to questions at the Murtala Muhammed Airport (MMA), Lagos, yesterday, said, if Mr. President emerges as a consensus candidate at the party’s convention, they would challenge the process in court.
Already, various interest groups in the party were said to be working out strategies to stop President Buhari from contesting the 2019 presidential election based on Mr. President’s health condition, broken promises, dictatorship, unemployment, economic stagnation and self-centeredness.
However, The Tide learnt that Buhari’s supporters and followers are ever prepared to go the extra mile to ensure that the President continues in power till death to enable them protect their interest and remain relevant in the political arena as power brokers.
Besides, Buhari is said to be enjoying the support of the party chairman and some former governors from the South – South some of whom have insisted that he has the right to seek and contest for a second term in office.
Investigations by our correspondent revealed that many Northern elite, and those from the Western region of the ruling party, including the common man on the streets are not comfortable with President Muhammadu Buhari, and have vowed to work against him.
Amidst the discontent, controversies and counter-claims over the 2019 presidential election, currently engulfing the APC, President Buhari is yet to make any statement. The unabating security challenges, particularly in the North East, Mainagate and many other issues bordering on corruption allegations levelled against members of his kitchen cabinet are occupying his mind and attention, an inside source told our correspondent.