Managing Stress With Herbs


Stress is a major heath challenge. It destabilises the body system, keeps one anxious and restless. Former President of the United States ,Mr. Bill Clinton was said to have committed many political blunders, especially the Monica Lewinsky sex  scandal as a result of stress and lack of sleep.
A long term  study at the University of London showed that chronic unmanaged mental stress was a major cause of diseases such as cancer and heart problems. Excessive stress can make you obese  and unhealthy. Stressed out people tend to develop dark marks under their eyes  and frown lines on their  foreheads.
There are many causes of stress such as intense activity without rest, excessive  thinking, lack of sleep and anxiety, or wronging about something. Today may jobs and the quest to make ends to meet has increased  stress in some people.
Most of the jobs that can cause stress include  those working in the media  industry, such as journalists, pilots,  politicians,  medical doctors, marketers and teachers also face  stress.
Nonetheless, the key to beating stress in to know the early signs  which include anxiousness,  lack of sleep, heart palpitations and restlessness.
Nature however, has provided solutions on how to win stress with varieties  of herbs,  and which are often more effective than tranquilizers  of conventional drugs. The following  herbs are effective
1. Basil Leaves: In most part of the South-East and South-South  of Nigeria Basil leaf  is a common vegetable  for soups and stews. It’s  also used in children ailment. The common name are “Nchianwu, Ikani” and others. Basil leaves are regarded as an anti-stress herb. Recent studies have shown that the leaves, afford significant  protection against stress. It banishes fears and indecision and clarifies the mind. The leaves can be chewed, squeezed or boiled to extract the nutrients.
2. Oats: Whether you call it Quaker Oats” or “wild oats”,  this fibre full food has positive effect on the nerves system and on stress in general. Oats can be a safe, long term  food based  aid both to the nervous system and to help fight stress-related conditions. Herbalists over the years discovered connection between oats and the adrenal glands, which manufacture adrenaline, the stress hormone. Under time of stress and fatigue, the adrenals need all the help they can get, oat meal is a ready made support.
3. Natural Brown Rice: This diet makes a perfect meal for overstressed nerves. Calcium  in Brown Rice helps to sooth  and relax the nervous system and helps relieve the symptoms of high blood pressure. For  you to get the maximum  effect, Brown Rice can be combined with Milk, but no salt should be added. The nutrients in Brown Rice forms a unique  balance with  those of milk.
4. Rosemary Leaves: This sweet scented herb is a good nerve  tonic, and is a natural antidote  to mental fatigue and forgetfulness. A tea made from the herb is a good natural  remedy for bringing  added mental agility. It’s  believed that if the leaves are crushed  and inhaled with the eyes  closed, the mind becomes clear as the vapour courses through the brain cells.
5. Soya Bean Milk: The Phytonutrient  (pantothenic acid) in soya bean is up to (2,000 mcg) and thus makes it a top stress fighter. It causes blood cholesterol  to drop drastically. Soya Bean has a calming effect on the body and checks retention of salt which is responsible for blood pressure.