AUPCTRE Conference: Members Reject Delegates List


Members of the Amalgamated Union of Public Corporations, Civil Service, Technical and Recreational Services Employees (AUPCTRE) have rejected the list of delegates for its forthcoming National Delegate Conference, a communiqué has said.
The communiqué, made available to newsmen last  Friday in Abuja, alleged that the process of selecting the delegates was not transparent.
The communiqué was co-signed by Messrs Elkana Nabodi and Abdullahi Balange, the chairmen of Bayelsa and Kastina states, respectively.
The communiqué was drawn at the end of meeting of state chairmen and secretaries and National Coordinating Committees (NCCs) of AUPCTRE last Thursday.
“These concerns came up at deliberations on the 6th quadrennial delegate conference on the apportionment of delegates to the National Delegate Conference (NDC) scheduled for October 18 to October 19, 2017, at Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.
“The aforementioned state chairmen and secretaries of NCCs frowned vehemently at the non-transparent way the delegate list was prepared.
“The format and modalities used in the computation of the delegate list is only known to the AUPCTRE National President, Comrade Solomon Adelegan, and we reject it in its entirety,’’ the communiqué said.
The communiqué said there was need for immediate action and review of the list by the AUPCTRE National Secretariat.
It said that the secretariat should state how much it adopted as a ceiling for each delegate and same should be applicable to all state councils without any preferential allocation to undeserving state or organ.
“Why was the list not brought before the National Governing Council (NGC) for ratification and complaints therein dealt with, as the tradition of the union in all past delegate conferences?
“The national president has usurped the powers of the NGC by preparing and distributing delegates to organs in fragrant disregard to provisions of the constitution.
“By the above actions of the national president, it has become clear that he is not prepared for the delegate conference and wants to drag the union into disrepute and chaos thus, intends to disintegrate the union,’’ the communiqué said.
The communiqué called on the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC), Federal Ministry of Labour and Employment, and security agencies to prevail on Adelagan to desist from acts capable of destroying the union and breakdown of law and order.
Reacting, Adelagan dismissed the allegations, saying that everybody was carried along in the selection process.
He said that neither the delegate list nor the parameters used in drawing it was prepared but by the National Secretariat of the union.
“It was discussed at the secretariat meeting of the union. Afterwards, the National Executive Council (NEC) of the union met and discussed the parameters recommended by the secretariat.
“The parameters were presented at NEC meeting in which all members were around.
“We had three options: A, B, and C; and after the motions, we voted to choose between B and C.
“Out of about 35 people who were at the NEC meeting, those that chose option B were less than 10 and those that went for option C were more than 25,’’ he said.
Adelagan said that as a result of the overwhelming vote for option C, only one document was sent to the secretariat which he signed in front of NEC members.