Economist Hails Wike’s Policies On Governance


The policy by the Rivers State Government to quicken approval of  Certificate of  Occupancy (C of Os) has been commended by an economic expert and senior lecturer in the Rivers State University, Prof Ayodele Momodu.
Speaking exclusively to The Tide in his office in Port Harcourt, Prof  Momodu said the policy would enhance economic growth, business and capital in the state.
He, however, said priority should be given to industrial interests in real estate as that will attract investors and drive the economy.
Prof. Momodu explained that when land is accessible, it makes capital easy to access, as banks are  to loan and provide the necessary financial backing for small and medium scale industries.
The senior lecturer in the Banking and Finance Department also hailed the state governor’s policy of building infrastructure, especially roads, saying “infrastructure is what will affect the ordinary man. At least, everybody uses the roads, goes to school and also visits the hospital.
He explained that infrastructure also boosts the construction industry and provides jobs for both skilled and unskilled labour.
He, however, advised government to create more conducive investor-friends environment as well as provide subsidies for cottage industries a government must always douse tension and the opposition must place the state above personal interest”.
The university lecturer frowned at the frequent outbursts of the opposition party, the All Progressives Congress (APC), as most of the utterances and speeches made by the opposition can scare investors from the state.