Check Out Five Reasons Why P-Square Must Not Separate


In the midst of speculations that the P-Square brothers of Peter and Paul Okoye are having issues and throwing shades, Peter reveals that he has a YouTube channel and has gone solo.
The musician who has been addressing himself as Mr. P took to his instagram page to announce the Youtube account. He also has deactivated comments on his instagram page, preventing his fans from putting a comments on his post.
It was gathered that Peter has had the youtube channel for over a year. He recently revealed to his fans that he is on his own. The singer who has been performing in some shows alone took to social media to let his fans know about the latest development as well as his face book. In his post on face book, he welcomed fans to his world and introduced his new page to them.
Recall that this is not the first time the twins will fall out and leave fans praying for a quick re union. The last time it happened, a lot of fans witnessed the brothers going solo as Peter became Mr P and Paul, Rudeboy.
However nobody wants P-Square to go their separate ways for the following five reasons:
(1) They are brothers: Peter and Paul are not just blood brothers, they are twins, identical twins for that matter. After 2001 when they came to the limelight, it took fans years to be able to differentiate both of them. The resemblance is not just in the physique, but even their voices.
(2) They are super brand: Never in the history of modern music in Nigeria have we had a brand like the P-Square group. These guys represent a talent that is yet to be outshined. Since the emergence of P-Square, they have gone to become brand ambassadors for different companies. If they go their separate ways and become an individual act, they would become just like the regular day to day artistes that we already have and that would have defeated their purpose.
(3) They complement Each Other: The duo complement each other perfectly, If you watch closely every video P-Square has ever made, you will discover that they just don’t sing together as a group, they understand each other and their chemistry is not unnoticed. When Paul isn’t singing and Peter dancing, they are both interchanging roles which they do so effortlessly. Even at their concerts you can’t help but admire now they help each other all through, even if they make errors, just because they have been together for long and they understand themselves. They scale through, bringing out the best in them.
(4) It will lead to more bad blood between brothers: There have been wide speculations that the feud between these brothers started the moment they began having individual families. Even the subs that they both have been throwing around amount to the fact that the rift is family based. Now if great talents go sole, it would only get worse. The rivalry would be legendary as there won’t be any bond to ease out any tension. It may affect their wives and even children who are too young to grow up with malice.
(5) The fans won’t just allow them: P-Square has a dedicated fan base. These fans are crazy about them and won’t allow them to split and forget about their legacy. Fans will beg and cry if they have to but would ensure they stay together as one entity.