Union Condemns Multiple Taxation …Says It Can Hinder Employment


The National Union of Food, Beverage and Tobacco Employees (NUFBTE) said last Monday that multiple taxation would hinder the development of businesses and reduce employment opportunities, if not checked.
The NUFBTE President, Mr Lateef Oyelekan spoke to newsmen in Lagos on the implication of multiple levies on water business operators.
Our source recalls that the Association of Table Water Producers of Nigeria (ATAWAP), Lagos State chapter in August threatened to relocate to Ogun State over multiple taxation which they said was suffocating the businesses of their members.
The association of about 2,600 table water producers said they would relocate to Oyo and Ogun, if the Lagos state government does not clearly say how much they should pay as tax and to whom it should be remitted.
Oyelekan told our source that multiple levies were not good for the growth of any business, but that the threat to leave the state was not the solution to the problem.
“Changing location is not the solution, but knowing their rights, so as to be able to protect their businesses. The state governments contract out the collection of taxes to private companies who use various tactics to accrue fund.
A newly-established water factory or business is not supposed to be taxed for one year, but allow such a business to develop and gain its market share,’’ he said.
The union’s president said that rather than create a burden for local investors with multiple taxes, state governments should encourage table water producers to stabilise their businesses and attract more people.
He also urged officials of ATAWAP to collaborate with the union to ensure business growth and the protection of their work force.
On the recession, Oyelekan hailed the President Muhammadu Buhari administration for ensuring that the country got out of it.
He, however, urged the government to ensure that the people felt the impact by negotiating a new minimum wage for workers, to boost their livelihoods.
“Nigerians should be able to benefit and feel the impact that recession is over. States owing workers should pay up-to-date. This is the only way to show that recession has ended,’’ he said.