Benue State Governor Unveiled New Fruits and Grains Measurements


Samuel Ortom announced the implementation of new standard measures for fruits and grains. The long-awaited event took place at the prominent Makurdi International Market for the duration of the official opening of the State Unified Standard Weights and Measures.

The governor of Benue State has legitimately revealed joined standard measurements for all fruits and grains produce. From today, they must be broadly used in all, without exception, markets across the state. The primary aim of this important initiative is to protect the interests of both customers and farmers. Another fact is that many people were not happy with the previous standard measurements.

So, all sellers and buyers of agricultural goods were glad that the state government has finally listened to them. Therefore, the new standard measurements are:

  • For garri: 23×25 inch sacks;
  • For fruits and grains: 28×47 inch bags;
  • For grains (one hand scoop): 1-kilogram standard mudu;
  • For the polished rice: 25-kilogram standard tin.

As a result, Samuel Ortom assured all happy farmers that his administration will do everything legally achievable to guarantee that they will always receive real value for their produce.

Additionally, the governor of the state declared that the key policy was in maintenance with his administration’s promise to guarantee that all farmers are never shortchanged. Samuel Ortom especially stressed the fact that this newest initiative would do only good to all farmers and their loyal clients.

The governor also congratulated Doctor Tersoo Kpelai, the Commissioner for Industries, Trade, and Investments, over the development of new standards of measurement. Ortom told that Benue State must live up to all the prospects of the Nigerian community regarding the development of development.

The head of the state encouraged planters to go into the production of such necessary cash crops as water melon, cucumber, and carrot. Additionally, Samuel Ortom especially emphasized the urgent need to embrace dry season farming which is always more rewarding.

From his turn, Doctor Kpelai admitted that the Unified Standard Weights and Measures was the plan of Governor Ortom. He insisted on the creation of enabling atmosphere for customers and farmers to receive real value for their work and investments.

The Commissioner also added that the new sacks would improve agriculture activities and finish permanent farmers` perennial sufferings.

Source: NAIJ Nigeria.