Over 50 killed after Boko Haram ambush on oil group in Nigeria


Over 50 people were murdered in a Boko Haram sudden attack on an oil exploration group of engineers in the northeastern part of Nigeria. Sources they the number of victims will undoubtedly be increased.

On Tuesday, Boko Haram radicals suddenly attacked a group of engineers from the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation. The accident took place in the Magumeri area (Borno state).

Initially, the military forces and police thought it was an attempt to kidnap oil exploration group. However, judging by such a huge amount of victims, kidnapping can be excluded.

An Anonymous police official told that it was evident that the ambush wasn’t intended for kidnap. “Boko Haram attacked engineers just to kill them all. They just want to keep on terrorizing Nigerians,” told the source.

An anonymous doctor from the Nigerian Army (7th Division headquarters at Maimalari barracks) informed that at least 19 soldiers were killed while attempting to save the engineers.


Additionally, a medical worker from the University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital told that 22 civilians were also slaughtered during the Boko Haram ambush. Four of them worked at the university, including two academics, and 18 vigilantes.

Nigeria’s junior oil minister made a report. He told that the attack was just a terrible thing, but he did not provide the nation with the exact death toll.

Being an active OPEC-member, Nigeria has been looking for new oil reserves, which are located away from the southern Delta of the Niger River. It was severely destroyed after Boko Haram numerous attacks because they wanted a half from all profits.