Online gambling regulations in Africa, Nigeria, SA


We all would agree online gambling is on the rise in continent, however while most of the people in Africa is happy concerning the expansion of the business, others are troubled concerning the growing downside of addiction in the continent.

Professional services network, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), in a very recent report on online gambling on the continent, indicated that many people from South Africa, Nigeria and Republic of Kenya will visit sites in Australia to play a variety of casino games, because of problems using payment methods online in their home countries. With a four-year average growth rate of 6.93%, online gambling in these 3 countries is expected going to be valued around $37 billion by 2018. Unfortunately with harsher gaming regulations expected to hit Australia in the near future, players from these countries may soon find themselves looking for another destination..

But the positive growth of the gambling business raises issues regarding rising addiction in these countries. Though government laws to gambling dissent in these countries, social and ethical issues are playing in a key part in shaping their approach to the present flourishing business.

South Africa is King, with a Throne of problems

South Africa covers over 90th of the market share of gambling in desert in Africa. PwC sets the country’s total gambling turnover at $18.77 billion, $23.73 billion (of that 82%) , came from the thirty seven casinos within the country. bingo was the rapid-growing class in 2013 with a 58.9% increase, followed by LPMs at 25.9 the concerns sports indulgent at 21.3 %


In the next four years, South Africa’s gambling business can grow at a mean 6.3% to $39.1 billion. the advantages of the flourishing business surpass the gambling firms and people winning bets to incorporate the govt that received $211.3 million in taxes and levies in 2013. This besides the VAT paid by casinos to the National Treasury on the gross gambling revenues that they have earned . The estimated VAT collected on gambling revenues from casinos in year 2013 amounted to $170 million, or 11 November of gross gambling revenue. once VAT is enclosed, the share of all taxes for casinos rises to nearly twenty one the troubles

The value of gambling to South Africa’s economy is equivalent to the price of rising addiction to its society. whereas the country has achieved relative success with handling gambling addiction among the affluent within the cities, the result has been lots less positive within the poorer townships. The rising problems have contributed to the South African government stall the passage of a pro-online gambling legislation.

Twin Rivers, a South African-based addiction treatment centre says gambling addiction ruins thousands of people’s and are related with different psychological disorders like habit, depression and anxiety. The centre aforementioned the act was in its pedant kind is as venomous and as life threatening as any narcotic.

Nigeria, rapid growing in worth and downside

Although Nigeria comes a distant second to South Africa within the market share of the Africa’s gambling business, it’s the quickest rate of growth. PwC analysis report says its growth has really taken a dip. Consistent with the analysis platform, Nigeria’s casino gambling brought in $40 million in revenue. Casino gambling in Nigeria is recent, and there are simply three government authorized casinos within the country. Moreover, the trade has the ascent rate in Africa, 7.7%, and would rise to the region of $60 million by 2018.

Due to lack of proper regulation, only the tax of Nigeria’s three licensed casinos are properly collated

However, the important gambling spike in Africa’s largest economy comes from sports indulgent. A look report by the news organization of Nigeria (NAN) says Nigerians pay around $11.3 million daily on bets, $4.2 billion a year. However lack of indulgent legislation and regulation means that the govt makes next to nothing from the gambling industry. Solely are Casinos are properly regulated for, with PwC noting a $5 million tax income.

Aside denying the govt large revenues in taxes, gambling addiction among the country’s youth is exploding in numbers. regarding half-hour of young people between the ages of eighteen and forty, thirty million Nigerians, actively interact in sport gambling. NAN, in its report quoted the representative of gambling World, a betting company, who declared that gamblers can borrow up to N10,000 daily to put as bets and whereas some win, others lose, but return additional} the subsequent day to put more bets.

Inadequate facilitates for gambling addicts, as obtained in South Africa, additionally will increase the problems of the trade in Nigeria.