Dana Airline Explains Flight Delays


Following the outcry of passengers and users of the Port Harcourt International Airport, Omagwa, due to delays recorded in flight operations, especially that of Dana Air, the Station Manager of the airline has given  reasons for the delay.
Reacting to the matter in an exclusive interaction with The Tide at the airport, the Dana Station Manager, Francis Ofangba, stated that the delay so noticed in their flight operation was not a deliberate one.
According to him, the weather situation, in recent time, had not been so favourable in terms of flight movement as heavy rainfall around the country affected flight schedules.
Apart from bad weather, the Dana Air station manager opined that technical problem is also another thing that has caused delays  in the airlines flight operations.
“Since last month (June), the management looked at the situation with the weather and adjusted flight movements and after now the situation will change.
“What is so important in flight operations is the safety of passengers and the flight, so delay could apply when the need arises”, Ofangba said.
Asked whether Jet A1 (aviation fuel) and insufficient passengers could also be a factor for the delay, he said that both of them are not reasons for delay, pointing out that the Jet A1 is always available now even as passengers are always there.
Dana flights have always been regular and stable and keeping to time of schedule as monitored in the last seven months, but our investigations have shown that the airline’s last flight for the day which used to land between 5.00 and 5:50pm now lands between 6:30pm and 7:30pm, among others.

Corlins Walter