Environmentalist Tasks FG On Solar Energy


An environmental activist, Mr. Nnimo Bassey, has urged the Federal Government to  invest the money for the proposed nuclear power  project into solar power generation.
Bassey, stated this recently at the University of Port Harcourt, during an  event on Peace, Nuclear Power and Types of Conflicts.
He said most times, the country proposes things without thinking  about the money involved.
“The thing is that the power  that this nuclear  project will generate for the country can be easily generated from solar installation”, he said.
According to him, solar energy is safer and can be put in place without much expenses.
The activist further stressed that, such monies could be used, for renewable power development.
“if you have nuclear power, you must depend on the national grid, but with solar, you can target communities and neigbourhoods that do not have transmission lines”, he said.
He added that, with such an arrangement Nigeria could be adequately electrified.
Also speaking at the event, Mr. Chris Wear, said he is not in support of the plan for the Federal Government to build “nuclear plant in the country.
Wear, who bared his mind after shortly after a speech he delivered explained, that nuclear plants lead to radiations and leaks that are extremely dangerous, to the environment and health of the people.
“Nuclear power creates energy which leads to the production of a nuclear bomb and  leaks can lead to radiationsd and expose health hazards  to the populace”, he said.
According to him, nuclear plants are not suitable for developing  countries like Nigeria.
Wear who is from Newzealand, disclosed that a similar move by his government was resisted by civil society  groups that finally led to the shelving of the plan.
“My country, Newzealand, wanted to have nuclear energy and we had civil society campaign, we lobbied, parliamentarians.
“We said we do not want nuclear energy because it is dangerous  and we were  successful, and  maybe, there are some people in Nigeria, concerned about the government ‘s plans that can do  what  we did to stop the government”, he said.