Ecumenical Centre: Building Unity Among Christians


The need for unity among Christians of all churches and ecclesia communities has been promoted, consistently. Such concern is based on the understanding that Jesus Christ is the connecting God- personality to whom all Christians string. If the trinity is one,  all Christian faithful need to be united.
Of course, if all churches do share the full communion of his sacrifice in whatever proportion and value,  they should bond together easily. When they do so,  the quality of their Ecumenical activities will be raised to become a coveted lifestyle. Indeed, Christianity is more of a lifestyle than religious practice will impose.
The advocated unity is also capable of offering members of the public the proof of the functionality of the prayer of Jesus Christ to his father that all Christians may be one.
This is the burden of conviction borne by the Rivers State governor, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike. From inception of his administration, he has not minced words on the need for Christian unity. To him, Christians in Rivers State should live and do things in unity.
Christianity is futile if doctrinal biases and denominational differences are the pellets and swords used against each other. The dissension it created has ran deep. The resultant envy has showcased non-christ-like tendencies worn as best robes by most Christians. Such does not exclude the scrabbles over issues of mammon.
God is always the provider of present help as from ages past. He has not failed giving required guidance. He will continue to strengthen the church. That is why he has raised a governor for Rivers Christians who sits in the stead of a king over the state.
The consistent declaration that Rivers is a Christian State has become an undeniable decree. Excited,  Christians have raised the volume of hosanna praise higher.
At a time when persecutions against the church and Christian faith has persisted, the declaration of  such consolation search as enduring defence, Christians should maximise. This should be the singular reason the Primate of the Anglican Church in Nigeria, Nicholas Okoh has expressed the joy of Christians and commended governor Wike for his stance on putting God first.
Recalled that the primate laid the foundation stone for the commencement of construction work on the Rivers Christian Ecumenical Centre project. He prayed God to prosper the  state.
Now,  construction work on the Rivers Ecumenical Centre project is completed. Its siting is conspicuous, located on the fringes of the administrative District of Port Harcourt City. It is an ecclesia advantage for all Christians.
There is no doubting it that Christian leaders will be motivated to know the direction to lead the people.  They will look at the Rivers Christian ecumenical Centre not only to evaluate the initiatives that has come from God but they will lead their congregation in the path of unity.
The ecumenical centre stands as a milling point of Christian unity. The faith in God is singular and should bind true believers of Jesus Christ together. It will not matter the existing doctrinal differences. The love of God spread abroad in hearts should swallow such differences.  It should make civil the feeling of superiority some churches wear as toga.
All Christians stand on equal pedestal as the redeemed of God. It is very important in the ecumenical sphere, as in other spheres, that they avoid abuses that could either contribute to or entail doctrinal indifferentism.
Such indifference could prosper a particular denomination per time but in the over all,  it puts the entire christendom into servitude. These are concerns that pose as obstacle to meaningful progress in the authentic search for full unity among Christians.
When Christians are truly united,  they become a people hard to trample on and swayed easily. So, the Rivers Christian ecumenical centre built by Governor Wike has addressed the open doubt and criticism ,  not only of  the spiritual standing of governor Wike but it will also correct the subservient attitude of Christian leaders in the state.
There is no better substance of thanksgiving than building a worship centre for all Christians. The Rivers Christian Ecumenical Centre is an item of thanksgiving to God. Governor Wike acknowledges that God delivered him from the evil machinations of political opponents and gave him victory.
So,  as he says his thank you to God,  and counsels Christian leaders to use the centre to promote Christianity,  the Rivers Christian Ecumenical centre should be used as a unity prayer and fellowship place. All Christians in the State should continue to look up to God for his guidance and blessings.
But let Christians not only delight in praying for the unity of the church, they should live and walk the prayer of unity. That is the only time the place of the Rivers Christians Ecumenical Centre will be felt.  Hopefully,  it will assist efforts to enhance the  unity of Christian denominations  in the state.
The one thousand two hundred capacity seat centre will be officially inaugurated on the 28 May 2017 as part of Rivers Golden Jubilee anniversary activities and handed over to the umbrella family of Christian denominations called the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN., in Rivers State.
Ibulubo writes from Rivers State Television, RSTV, Port Harcourt.

Tamunobarabi Ibulubo