Why Celebrate Mothers?


The second Sunday of May, every year is set aside by the United States of America as a day to honour mothers  as well as motherhood, natural bonds and the general influence of mothers in society. Although, this same celebration is also observed in several other spheres on various days across the globe, it is commonly witnessed in the months of March and May.  But is there any reason at all to celebrate and appreciate mothers?
Michele Anderson writes that mothers are those amazing people in our lives who act as our guardian angels, cheerleaders, defense attorneys and personal assistants.
In the spirit of the Mothers Day Celebration, The Tide Women/Living and Style went to town to feel the people’s pulse about the event of the season and guess what their findings were.
There are actually those who acknowledge the worth of  mothers and there are also those who appreciate them even though no amount of recompense would be befitting enough to reward motherhood.
But, for those who do not know that motherhood is a task no one can quantify, the day  serve as a reminder for such to appreciate their mothers otherwise, appreciation of motherhood is supposed to be a lifetime issue, for there is no love that goes deeper or which transcends time and space more than a mother’s love.
Mrs Ikpe Leticia, in a chat with our correspondent said, “Mothers pay supreme sacrifice to make us what we are”. According to her, from the day a foetus is formed in the womb, the mother begins to experience great discomfort.  Although she has the right to her comfort, yet she will take pleasure in her inconvenienced state just because of you”.
Most mothers choose to die just for their babies’  live.  You see that there is no price commensurate enough to pay a mother.  All the same, she desire just one favour from you and that is, that you be responsible so her joy could be full.

Sylvia ThankGod-Amadi