Charly Boy Explains Why He Sleeps In Coffin


Nigerian eccentric and controversial entertainer, Charles Oputa, popularly known as Charly Boy, recently revealed why he sometimes sleeps in a casket.  Reacting to fans criticisms he wrote:-
“Point of correction, I do not sleep in a casket, I sleep on my bed, it’s big and comfy. I only lay in my ‘Casket’ when I do my mediation because it helps me to be focused, it tells me more about the imminence of death, my casket is a reminder.  It wakes me up from slumber, it tells me guy, you have got little or no time left wake up, be creative and work”.
He said, “of course when I read some of the comments of my people, I know a good number of us are ill informed about quite a number of things. I think, it is more of what the casket represents that shocks my people and they start reading meanings into it, depending on their level of understanding. But one question is, what if the casket was used to make a sofa chair? Maybe all the hullabaloo about me sitting on a chair wouldn’t have been there in the first place, so when people vocalize their disapproval of my message via the image of a casket, I understand that, they do that from a position of fear, fear of what the casket represents-Death”.
“So whatever people fear, they antagonize, But the fact that I have reminded myself and even you about death does not really change a thing. It won’t draw your death near and it won’t even shift it away.  All it does is simply a reminder, to tread carefully”, he said.