Expert Decries Use Of Draftsmen As Builders


A stakeholder in the real estate sector of the economy, Mr Lawrence Oladipo, has called for the removal of draftsmen as builders in order to curb building collapse in the country.
Oladipo, who is also the Chief Executive Officer of Lifepage Group, a real estate outfit in Port Harcourt, made the call while speaking to reporters during a site inspection tour to Afam, Oyigbo local government area, last weekend.
He lamented that the efforts of stakeholders in the fight to curb building collapse in the near future was far fetched if draftsmen continue to impersonate professionals at building sites.
He also noted that the trend of building collapse would not end if developers continue to patronize draftsmen rather than professional builders.
According to him, “the project owner is aware that he should employ a professional to get his drawings done, but would not engage professionals in the execution of the project after the drawings have been approved, this negates the ethics of building”.
The Lifepage CEO argued that complications at project sites arise due to the inability of the drawftsman to correctly interpret the drawings.
He said, “draftsmen do not know the technicalities involved in constructions and the interpretation of construction drawing and so they confuse things and cause problems for the project owner, like the three storey building that collapsed recently at Alakahia, near Port Harcourt. It was meant to be a bungalow according to the building plan and drawings, but because the builder was not a professional, he went and caused that complication that made the building to collapse”.
Oladipo charged project owners to ensure that they at all times engage professionals to save them from incurring unnecessary extra losses.


Tonye Nria-Dappa