Association Wants NHIS To Reverse Staff Secondment


The Association of Senior Civil Servants of Nigeria (ASCSN) has urged the management of the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) to immediately reverse what the union considered the illegal secondment of staff to the establishment who are members of the union.
A statement issued on Wednesday, a copy of which was obtained from the union’s office in Port Harcourt and signed by the union’s Secretary-General, Comrade Alade Bashir Lawal, said that the union had made all efforts and appeals to the management of NHIS to dialogue and discuss the alleged illegal secondment of staff into the organisation, but such efforts have been rebuffed.
Lawal said that the Executive Secretary NHIS, Prof Usman Yusuf, had illegally brought minor officers into the establishment, some of whom were on grade level 10 at their former workplaces and placed them on higher grade level 15 at the NHIS.
He said that such positions are inconsistent with such officers’ qualifications and experience despite the availability of qualified officers within NHIS who are to be promoted and placed on such level.
The union’s scribe said such illegal secondment was a clear violation of the Public Service Rules and other extant regulations governing the issue of secondment in the public service.
He urged the Executive Secretary NHIS to reverse such illegal secondment in the interest of industrial peace or face the union’s wrath by shutting down the offices of the NHIS through out the country unless the NHIS management corrects the problem within 21 days.
Lawal said all relevant government agencies and personnel had been notified of the union’s 21 days ultimatum notification to avail them of the illegal policy and development in the NHIS.


Philip Okparaji