NIA Clears Air On Professional Exams


The Nigeria Institute of Archietects (NIA) has dispelled the rumours making the rounds that the Minister of Power, Works and Housing, Babatunde Fashola, waded into the disputed matter of the institute’s professional examinations between it and the Architects Regulatory Council of Nigeria (ARCON).
In a chat with The Tide recently, the President of NIA, Tonye Briade, said the Minister never waded into the matter during the institute’s visit to him.
Following reports that Fashola had told NIA members to bury the hatchets and comply with ARCON according to the laws guiding the profession, Braide said, “the matter was not discussed during our visit to the minister, he never said what was attributed to him in that publication”.
Paramount in the discussion with the Minister, Braide said, was that Nigeria needed 25,000 architects to fulfill the professional inputs pivotal to the achievement of adequate measure of development, but that unfortunately there were only about 4,000 registered architects in the institute’s 56 years of existence.
According to Braide, “there are varying interpretations of the laws governing the practice of architecture in Nigeria, which have to be put right to achieve a total capture of government’s massive investments in our architectural educational infrastructure”.
He further said, “we have to be more inclusive and open our doors to all who have had exposure to architectural training and set up a bridging mechanism to bridge all gaps.
According to the NIA boss, “we cannot prefer foreigners who we do not regulate nor have capacity to verify the quality of their educational background to our local content and capacity, who we can expose to hands on training to attain best practice professional standards”.


Tonye Nria-Dappa