NIA Seeks New Housing Model


The Nigeria Institute of
Architects (NIA) has put forward a new social housing model through the development of a contributory scheme.
The National President, NIA, Mr Tonye Braide, who revealed this concept during a visit to Minister of Power, Works and Housing, Mr Babatunde Fashola in Abuja, recently explained that the scheme would provide an endless flow of revolving housing for low income earners and the informal sector.
Braids stated that under the proposed format advocated by NIA, a property exchange mechanism, where housing is treated as an exchangeable commodity with mobility through types based on income expansion, family size zoning typologies.
According to him, “low cost housing will be executed along the mass production templates usedl in manufacturing industry,” adding that “standardisation of components will be key and an operating logistics platform can be developed to distribute the components around a localized area network.”
He further said, “this will result in architectural component fabrication plants in every Local Government Area (LGA), each council will be producing everything needed to complete a basic house, the basic raw material will be from local elements occurring in great abundance in the LGA”.
He added that, “source of the manufacturing plants may be located at off grid locations and powered with renewable energy, other plants may be manually operated”, adding that it will also create 75,000 employment opportunities.
He noted that cities have been planned along development best practice principles, stating that the process of execution and absence of appropriate government structures in development control still leaves cities far short of being at par with global competition.
He called for inclusion of architects in city development control, and expressed the institutes readies to partner with government on uran regeneration programmes to recapture the essence of inner city areas and put to good existing infreastures.