SWAN To Inaugurate Website, New Membership Cards

Mr Honour Sirawoo, National President, Sports Writers Association of Nigerian (SWAN)

National President, Sports Writers Association of Nigerian (SWAN), Mr Honour Sirawoo said in Osogbo yesterday that the association was working towards inaugurating an official website and a new membership card.
Sirawoo announced this while speaking with sport journalists in the Osun State capital.
According to him, the construction of an official SWAN website is ongoing and before the end of January, it would be in full operation.
He said the website would be test-run by Jan. 15 and that it would provide a channel for the online registration of sports journalists nationwide.
Sirawoo said the online registration of sport journalists would be self-screening, in the sense that the registration would come with pop-up questions, screening individual applicants for their eligibility.
He said that through the website also, provision would be made for bona fide members to apply and get a membership card, which will be the authentic and recognised card for all SWAN members.
The SWAN national president said a database would also be created on the website where names and other information on members of the association would be displaced for verification.
He said the SWAN membership card (SWAN card) would be used to crosscheck reference on any person posing to be a member of SWAN and also used to verify authentic members of the association.
Sirawoo said the new leadership of SWAN, under his administration, was working to develop SWAN to an enviable height, never recorded in the 52 years of the association.
He said successes are already being recorded and that progressive efforts were being made to have a unified SWAN in the country.