Ex-DIG Tasks Airlines On Commitment


Worried by the unneces
sary delays and disappointments suffered by air passengers, especially in recent times, in the course of their movements, a former Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of Police, Mike Zuokumor, has called on airline operators to ensure that they put everything that needs to be in place for a hitch free flight operation.
He said there should be no excuses from the airliners whatsoever for delays and unnecessary disappointments of passengers who have planned their schedules based on the pre-arrangement from the airlines.
Zuokumor who was speaking to airport correspondents, while reacting to issues confronting Nigeria’s economic development, at the Port Harcourt International Airport, Omagwa, said that he detests the excuses that airline operators give as to why flights will not move according to known schedules.
“How can I be comfortable with all this disappointment of airline operators? All you hear is excuses upon excuses. I am not interested in all these excuses every time, particularly the Arik air line.
“Something is to be done by 9.00am, you begin to hear excuses like the flight has been delayed for three hours. Whatever should be done, that to make their operation sure, should be done earlier.
“They should keep to time on their schedule, because passengers also have their own schedules, and not when you are here to board the flight, you begin to hear these excuses. That is not what we want, there should be no excuses”, he said.
The Ex-DIG also remarked Nigeria is a blessed nation, but that the managers of this country have turned the blessings of God to be like a curse.
According to him, it is left for everybody to put hands together to reverse the trend so as to enjoy the God given human and natural resources.


Corlins Walter