Casino industry in Nigeria


Africa has become a popular place for people to travel especially the country of Nigeria, the largest on the continent. English is the official language of Nigeria which attracts many citizens from English speaking countries as well as the many activities offered here including gambling.

Unlike some other African countries, Nigeria does have legalized gambling. However, this is with some caveats. Games of chance which do not have favourable odds for players cannot be found here. This would include games like dice games and card games that don’t involve any sort of skill. This means that skill based card games, backgammon and the lottery can be played here. Also, there are three casinos in Nigeria that provided legalized gambling. Sports betting is also popular here.

Of the three Nigerian casinos, two are located in Lagos. The Federal Palace Casino and Eko Hotel Casino both offer slot machine games as well as table games. The Eko Hotel Casino has twice as many table games as the Federal Palace Casino. The third casino is in the capital of Abuja. The Transcorp Hilton Casino has similar game offerings as the other two casinos. Roulette and blackjack are the two most popular games found at the Transcorp Hilton.

For gamblers who want to play online, these casinos are also available. Most of these are offshore casinos with licensure. Having these credentials, makes them secure places to gambling online.  In 2013, a Nigerian based online casino went online but lasted only a year. Some point to the lack of regulation of online casinos within Nigeria to be responsible for the failure. There are also some illegal gambling dens scattered around Nigeria. These places should be avoided because not only are they not regulated but playing in them is illegal. Law enforcement regularly raid these places and players can be prosecuted.

If you’re looking for a place to enjoy gambling in Africa, Nigeria should be a top choice.