Labour Leader Charges FG On Airport Standardisation


As an expression of dissatisfaction with the spate of development of infrastructure at the nation’s airport, particularly that of the Port Harcourt International Airport Omagwa, a Labour leader in Rivers State, Comrade Emecheta Chukwu has called on the Federal Government and other leaders in the country to do what is right and fix the airport up to international standard.

The labour leader who was not comfortable with the term “privatisation” or “concessioning” of airport, said those are terms and words he did not want to hear.

Reacting to the situations at the airports, especially the one in Port Harcourt, the labour leader said that Nigerian leaders should replicate the good things they have seen in other international airports in other developed countries.

He challenged both the politicians and other Nigerian leaders who have been travelling to other nations of the world to compare the standards of airports abroad and those in Nigeria.

“Let them look at the standard and see if they are the same, but if they are not, they should come home and do what is right.

“All over the world, all our leaders have had the opportunity of travelling or going to other airports. If what they see in those airports is good, they should come back and do the same here.

“What ever the situation of the airports in Nigeria our leaders pass through them, so it behoves them to do what is good and right, the same way they pass through the Heathrow Airport, they should do the same here”, he said.

Emecheta, who is the chairman, Rivers State Public Negotiation Council and Chairman Agricultural Workers in the state as well as the vice chairman, NLC in Rivers State also remarked that the economic recession in the country is not from God.

He said that such was a curse to the nation and urged every one to return back to God for him to show mercy adding that famine is not of God, stressing that it is only going back to God that Nigerian problems could be settled.


Corlins Walter