Cucumber Sex Video: Nigerian Women Lambast Ex-Miss Anambra

Cucumber Sex

The crowned winner of Miss Anambra 2015 competition Chidinma Okeke is currently embrolded in a lesbian sex tape scandal. The video which looks very recent shows the queen who hails from Orumba North (or maybe someone that looks like her as she claims) engaged in lesbian acts with one of her close friends, a lady known as Ada.
Ada is said to be a beauty queen too and also doubles as Chidinma’s personal assistant. Ada is said to be the 3rd runner up of Queen of Democracy 2014. In the weired, degrading video, Chidinma was seen fondling with her vagina and later using cucumber on it before the said Ada came over to caress and smooch her, all these were done in a dingy room with the bed on the floor and hairnet on queen Chidinma.
After the video had been trending on line for a while, Chidinma came out to deny she is not the one in the video, she insists it was photo shopped and her face was super imposed into the existing pictures but her followers on in stagram are not buying her denial. They lambasted her for having that ridiculous and demeaning sexual act taped on a camera and coming out to lie about it again as it is so glaring, she is the one in the video.
Meanwhile, since Chidinma Okeke sex tape surfaced on line, dozens of Nigerians bloggers and website editors widely covered her story, giving their readers as many randy details as they could dig out.
However, a cucumber topic was one of the most discussed on social media complicating lives of ordinary Nigerian women who traditionally use an innocent vegetable as food and not as a sex toy. Now it seems that situation changed drastically as women assure that every time they are buying cucumbers, the traders give them suspicious glances and sultry smirks.
It was gathered that as it stands now, a single lady cannot go and buy cucumber in the market again without everyone looking at her like she is going to use it to masturbate at home. The report further states the House of Representatives has now passed a law that any lady who intends to buy cucumber in the market should bring along her marriage certificate and her certificate of regular sex.
Also before a cucumber is sold to any single lady, it should be sliced at the spot. Any cucumber seller who fails to comply with the new laws will be arrested and decisively dealt with.
In an interview with The Tide Entertainment a cucumber seller at the Mile One market of Cucumber has gone up and the patronage has reduced due to the present economic problems in the country and not the cucumber sex saga, women still buy the product without molestation so I don’t know what they are talking about, they should leave us alone to sell our market”.