Professor Wants Court Order To Eject Impostor


A former lecturer in
Engineering Department of University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Prof. Humphrey Chukwueze, has asked an Awka Magistrates’ Court in Anambra Sate to eject an impostor from his property.
Chukwueze, a visually impaired, told the court that he had waited patiently for the imposter to vacate his premises which two courts had before now ruled against the accused.
“The woman said that my late uncle gave birth to her husband which was a lie.
“We have appeared before Justice J.C. Iguh of the state High Court and Justice H.O. Ozor of the Court of Appeal on charge sheet MAW/8C/Appeal/2012, all ruled in my favour.
“Yet, this woman refused vacating my premises rather going about wooing my relations to support her,” he said.
The accused, Mrs Nwakaego Chukwueze on her part, said that the said premises belong to her late husband.
“I am legally married to professor’s nephew, and I have children but since he returned from his academic sojourn, he has been trying all within his powers to eject me and my children from the premises.
“It is a large space of land and my bungalow is different from his, of which I have tried erecting a fence but he pulled the fence down,” Nwakaego said.
Magistrate A.C.I. Emekwuo adjourned the case till December 2.