Green White Green Makes Wave In Toronto Film Festival

Abba Makama, producer, ‘Green White Green’

International film
industry resource covering the international film markets, Screen Nation has reviewed one of the Nollywood films that screened at the ongoing Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) – Abba Makama’s “Green White Green”.
Green White Green is a film about a group of young bohemian artists who hang out and search for direction in their lives in the stagnant months leading up to the beginning of their University studies, in this richly textured and frequently funny look at Lagos’ new generation.
Nollywood cinema hits its mark with thrillers, melodramas and romances, at minimal cost and with minimal production values. In Green White Green (And All The Beautiful Colors in My Mosaic of Madness), Abba T. Makama gives us a rousing celebration and a satire of the phenomenon, with the same no-budget feel.
You could call it Meta-Nollywood, as Makama mulls the many meanings of Nigeria and its multiple cultures. “The persistence of Nigeria defies the gods”, a professional narrator warns us. There are plenty of laughs here as Makama’s cast fumbles through that mission, and Makama never lets production values get in the way of a gag or grimace.