Dana Airline Defends Flight Delays


The Dana Airline
has linked delay in flight operations at the airport to scarcity of aviation fuel.
Making the clarification known while interacting with airport correspondents at the Port Harcourt International Airport Omagwa, Monday, the Station Manager of the airline, Francis Ofangba stated that there are two things that cause delays in flight.
The two things he said are scarcity of “Jet ‘A1 which, according to him, is the aviation fuel.
He said that for about two months now there has been scarcity of aviation fuel, and attributed the scarcity to difficulty faced by marketers to get foreign exchange to import aviation fuel.
According to him, the second reason for delay is what he referred to as the natural issues such as weather over which the airlines do not have control.
Ofangba maintained that the airline places priority on safety more than the business gains, and that natural issues which they don’t have control upon, can affect flight operations.
One other thing which he referred to as “No go” area that can cause delay in flight operations is the technical issue, pointing out that safety is the first thing that must be considered.
However, the Dana Station Manager pointed out that there are laid down procedures in the passengers, airline relationship with regards to flight delay announcement or cancellation.
“Delay announcement has to come at least one hour before the departure time and refreshment should be given to the passenger.
“If the delay is more than two hours the passenger is entitled to full refund, and when it exceeds 10pm, the airline will take care of the passengers and their sleeping in addition”, he said.


Corlins Walter