Coach Commends Athletes In Spite Of Poor Performance


Athletics coach, Isaac Ikhaobomeh, has commended the athletes who represented the country in the athletics events at the ongoing Rio Olympics, in spite of their failure to win medals.

Ikaobomeh told newsmen in Lagos that the athletes would have performed creditably if necessary provisions were in place before the Olympics began.

He noted that poor preparations for major world events had impacted negatively on the nation’s sporting prowess over the years.

“For the athletes, I give them kudos, why I said so, was because it’s a one man show, everybody was on their own.

“There was no camping, there was no incentive, there was nothing for them, and nothing was done to say we want to win from the Federal Government or the AFN (Athletic Federation of Nigeria).

“So for the athletes, honestly they did their best only their best was not good enough to give us medal.

“I keep telling people we don’t have a drawing board in this country again, all our drawing boards are torn.

“Let us use the ground, use the wall as our drawing board now so that we can get there.

“We need to go back to what we used to do in the yester years, when we had competitions for age groups.

“And again, I will not blame AFN so much because AFN is the parent body of track and field.

“What are the states doing, how many states are organising competitions in this country, except Lagos and Delta, he stated.