Expert Wants Improvement In Seafarers’ Training, Certification


A former Sole Adminis
trator of the Maritime Academy of Nigeria (MAN), Oron, Akwa Ibom State, Mr Olu Akinsoji, has said that there is need to improve on the standards of training and certification of Nigerian seafarers.
Akinsoji, also a former Government Inspector of Ships (GIS) and a marine engineer, stated this in an interview with The Tide source on Thursday in Lagos.
According to him, we need to redeem the image of our training and certification of seafarers.
He commended efforts by the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA), in screening maritime training institutions across the country to accredit the ones that could provide the training required in line with global best practices.
“Is delightful screening the maritime institutions provided those doing the appraisal are the right people.
“ NIMASA should put in writing the criteria for appraising the institutions so that the appraisal criteria will be applied across the board.
“So that there would be transparency and genuine appraisal. The result of the appraisal should be published and the courses appraised should also be published on the website of NIMASA,’’ Akinsoji said.
He said that the appraisal should cover all parameters like lecturers, courses, equipment and infrastructure.
“So long as the appraisal is done transparently, it is a welcome idea,’’ the marine engineer said.
He also assessed 12 years of Nigeria’s implementation of the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code and noted that the Code should also be appraised.
Akinsoji, also the Acting Chairman, Society of Nigerian Mariners (SNM, said that “people still walked into the terminals without identity’’.
He said that every terminal operator should construct perimeter fencing, lighting and train the relevant security personnel.
“Areas that are supposed to be restricted areas should be thoroughly restricted.
“We still found boats moving around international ships. This is against the requirements of the ISPS Code,’’ he added.